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What is technology veneer? Technology veneer production process

Most furniture companies believe that the technology veneer is not native wood, but what they are, they also do not know clearly, or simply call it "artificial veneer." Some companies further speculate that the technical veneer may be furniture or decorative decorative materials made from chemical raw materials.

Of course, there are also a number of furniture companies that have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the science and technology of veneer, and they have been applied in large quantities in production and have achieved great economic benefits. However, it is still a long time for the veneer of science and technology to be widely recognized by the furniture industry. Many wrong understandings of Sci-Tech Wood are lacking facts and misunderstandings. In fact, science and technology veneer is native wood.

According to a comprehensive survey, there are three main reasons why furniture companies have misunderstood technological veneers.

First of all, in China, more and more furniture manufacturers use technology wood veneer for furniture veneer materials. Since veneers of science and technology are receiving much attention, doubts naturally increase.

In addition, the technical veneer is processed from the secondary deep processing of the original wood. The process is complicated, and the general enterprise does not understand, and guessing naturally increases. Finally, the term "scientific veneer" cannot accurately express the essence of a product and can easily lead to misunderstandings.
In foreign countries, "Science and Technology Wood" is often referred to as "beautification wood", "recombinant wood" or "composite wood". It was first introduced in Italy and Britain in 1965, and it is generally called "technical wood" in China. Although the names at home and abroad are different, they all describe the same product.

Sci-tech wood is mainly made of natural wood or artificially-grown fast-growing forests, which are processed and processed. Similar to natural precious veneer, some of them are designed with special textures and colors according to demand, and still come from native wood veneer.

The technology veneer deep-processed by native wood is used for furniture production, which not only saves money, saves time, and saves time, but also increases the range of options available. The freedom of furniture design and production increases, and the competitiveness of the product is enhanced. .

In the process of natural growth of native wood, due to climate, geography, tree species and other reasons, the presence of flaws and performance defects can not be avoided, the texture structure and color are not completely in line with the needs of the product, science and technology veneer has modified the natural defects of the original wood, make up for the original The defect of the veneer shows that the appearance of the veneer of science and technology is a great contribution to the furniture manufacturing industry.

As science and technology veneers use chemical aids such as dyes and adhesives, many companies are worried about their environmental protection issues. In fact, they are equally concerned. Over the past three decades, the economically developed regions or countries such as the European Union have always used it as a veneer for furniture, and there is no debate about whether or not it is environmentally friendly. On the contrary, it replaces natural native veneer and protects the human ecological environment. There are also concerns about the market's approval rate

It is understood that technology veneer: (technology veneer quotes, technology veneer manufacturers directory) is not only the most cost-effective, in the high-end furniture, technology veneer is the highest price, so no matter the production of high, medium, low-grade furniture products, or different styles of products, Can be used with confidence.

As science and technology veneer is also made of native wood, so it is not too obvious from the original veneer, the objective market demand, the excellent performance of science and technology veneer, is what enterprises really want to pay attention to.