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Shenzhen Modern Furnishing Culture Co., Ltd is the new company name from Shenzhen MF Furniture Co., Ltd, which is the first professional manufacturer of leisure chairs in Shenzhen of china.
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Our process flow section 1

1. The material selection

(1) material selection: visual inspection and moisture content measurement instrument detection.

(2) quality requirements: conduct all-round inspection of the materials according to the inspection standards of the products and the confirmed samples; check the dimensions, specifications, moisture content, and product defects

The qualified rate shall be confirmed effectively until it reaches the requirements of the corresponding material inspection standards formulated by the enterprise.Our enterprise standards not only meet the requirements of national standards,

And its standards exceed the requirements of the state.

Laser Mosaic

(1) equipment: the most advanced laser splicing equipment in the domestic furniture industry.

(2) quality requirements: tight joint and allowable tolerance of + / - 0.2. No joint can be seen in visual range.Do not allow the line is not straight, Mosaic

If the pattern is not correct.

3. Preparation

(1) equipment: high-precision table saw, small band saw, electronic plate saw.

(2) quality requirements: the wool size shall be allowed error plus or minus 2mm, and fine cutting edge diagonal shall be allowed plus or minus 1mm: milling margin of 3mm.

(3) the cutting surface of the workpiece should be vertical after the material is opened, and no cracks and saws are allowed.

4. The platen

(1) equipment: Italian hot press, cold press.

(2) quality requirements:

A. Hot pressure and cold pressure shall be standard according to the quality requirements of different veneers, and blistering, wrinkling and cracking shall not be allowed after hot pressing;The veneer is soaked according to the standard requirement until reaching the requirement before hot pressing.

B. The cold-press cementing time and pressure meet the standard requirements, and there is no cracking after cold-press, no degumming or frosting.

5. Concentrate

(1) equipment: high-precision table saw.

(2) quality requirements: the size allowed error is + / -0.2mm, and the tolerance of materials with or greater than 1000mm is + / -1mm.

Solid wood borders

(1) equipment: pasting machine

(2) quality requirements: strictly comply with the requirements of splicing glue ratio and curing time to ensure the quality of splicing. The stitching shall not be allowed, and the pressure shall not be too high. The pressure time shall meet the requirements of rubber type.

7. Type milling

(1) equipment: double-shaft vertical milling machine

(2) quality requirements: no burr, burr, burn or type allowed.